abstract upload


We invite the submission of abstracts (until March 26 April 02) in English, Portuguese or Spanish, which will be blindly reviewed by an International Committee, according to the following evaluation criteria:

  • Concordance with the theme of the Conference: Technopolitics
  • Originality of the theme, problem or project
  • Relevance of the contribution to the field
  • Suitability of the methodology or techniques used
  • Suitability of the references
  • Overall organization of the abstract, according to the guidelines defined

The abstracts submitted must contain a maximum of 500 words, as well as references and bibliography, and be based on the following IMRaD structure:

  • TITLE _ The title of the submitted paper should be concise and consistent with the purpose of the study.
  • KEYWORDS _ A maximum of 5 Key words that identify the project.
  • INTRODUCTION _ What is the problem studied, what is its relevance, and its objectives?
  • METHODOLOGY _ How was the study conducted, what steps, materials, and techniques were used?
  • RESULTS _ What results are found or expected?
  • DISCUSSION _ What is the contribution and impact to the knowledge area?
  • REFERENCES _ Which sources have been or will be consulted?

You may add a single image that does not exceed A4 size at 150 dpi.

The evaluation of articles for oral presentation and publication in the Annals will be done in two stages: abstract (first) and the complete work (second). Both will be evaluated by blind peer review mode.

Since this is a blind evaluation, the text of the abstract should not mention the names of the authors nor the institution they belong to or any indication that allows authorship to be recognized.

The identification of all authors of the article (maximum 4) should be done only in the metadata filling, and already in the abstracts submission phase.

There is no limit to the submission of abstracts by the main author or co-author.

Each registration in the congress will allow the presentation and publication of up to 2 articles.