the use of RPAs (remotely piloted aircraft systems) in the context of struggles for housing and heritage preservation

Júlio Cesar Pedrassoli (professor at EP-UFBA) and Marcel Fantin (professor at IAU-USP); Monitors: Augusto César Oyama and Ivan Langone Francioni Coelho (undergraduate students at EESC-USP)

It proposes to offer the participants a general view on aerophotogrammetry and modeling with RPAS (drones), as well as on the possibilities of using this technology in activities of struggle for housing and preservation of cultural heritage. In order to do so, we intend to present the different platforms, sensors and applications in the area of geomatics, including the acquisition of images by aerial surveying, as well as the production of orthophotos, modeling, treatment, analysis and representation of the acquired information.

Historical evolution and state of the art. Different types of drones and their applications. RPAS (drones): from military use to activism. Brazilian legislation regulating the use of these aircraft. The risks of regulation for the construction of social struggles with drones. Potentials and challenges of surveys with RPAS in architecture and urbanism. The different types of sensors and instruments transportable by drones. Aerophotogrammetry: theoretical aspects. Building a flight plan for photogrammetric purposes. Considerations about the topographic support necessary for the georeferencing of cartographic products and their quality control. Realization of an aerobhotogrammetric survey: field class. Treatment of data and images with some of the most used photogrammetric programs in projects based on RPAS. Modeling: processing and reconstruction of three-dimensional images obtained in the field. Conclusion of practical exercises. Feedback: the insertion of RPAS into social struggles.

Lectures and laboratory in computer science and practical demonstrations in field class. The choice and alternation of activities or adoption of methodological alternatives depends on the number of subscribers, the weather conditions and the availability of aero-lifting equipment and information technology.

November 05th and 06th, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

CPDigi Lab – IAU Building

Target Participants
Architecture and Urbanism undergraduate and graduate students, professors and researchers
Does not require prior knowledge of software

Number of participants
from 08 to 18