thematic sessions

Researchers are invited to submit theoretical, practical and experimental work, resulting from research, teaching and extension activities, linked to the following thematic axes:

[01] Theories and design practices in digital contexts
Design theories and conceptual models
Design research in digital contexts
Cognition and communication of the project
Collaborative and collective design
Digital drawing

[02] Morphogenesis, synthesis and analysis of forms
Parametric and algorithmic modeling
Performance-based design
Generative systems
Complex and self-organized systems
Shape grammar

[03] Manufacture and digital construction
Digital fabrication
Rapid prototyping
Automated construction
Fab labs

[04] Information, models and simulations
Building information modeling (BIM)
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Information processing and visualization
Smart cities
Big data

[05] Interfaces and devices
Augmented and virtual reality
Interaction design
User interfaces and user experiences (UI / UX)
Responsive environments, sensors and feedback
Physical computing

[06] Teaching, research and extension in digital contexts
Research, learning and knowledge networks
Distributed intelligences and cloud computing
Citizen science and open science
University extension practices with digital media
Platforms and MooCs

[07] Creative industries and artistic practices
Digital art and technopoetics
Digital animation
Multimedia production
Application design

[08] Digital technologies and society
Open source and social technologies
Participatory and bottom-up processes
Activisms: art, cyberculture, hacker
Collective cartographies  and social mapping
Maker movement, DIY and DIWO