The Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics (SIGraDi)  is the counterpart of similar organizations in Europe (ECAADE), North America (ACADIA), Asia / Oceania (CAADRIA) and West Asia and North Africa (ASCAAD). SIGraDi was born in 1997, with the first congress held in the city of Buenos Aires. Since then, it holds an annual congress in different institutions and countries of Latin America, where the latest applications and possibilities of digital technologies are debated, with the participation of relevant international experts.

International Executive Committee (CEI)
Rodrigo Martin-Iglesias (Argentina), President
Maria Elena Tosello (Argentina), Administrative Vice president
Gonçalo Castro Henriques (Brazil), Vice president for International Relations
Pablo C. Herrera (Perú), Treasurer
Miguel Roco (Chile), General Secretary

Frederico Braída (Brazil)
Fernando García Amen (Uruguay)
Paula Gómez (Chile)

Bruno Perelli (Chile)
Simone Vizolli (Brazil)

Advisory Committee (CA)
Marcelo Bernal (Chile)

Leonardo Parra (Colombia)
Underleia Bruscato (Brazil)

CEI Elections
The Annual General Meeting (AGA) will elect part of the new CEI (International Executive Committee), from a list of candidates who present themselves until the beginning of the Congress. They will be elected by direct vote, by simple majority, in descending order in relation to the number of positions to be filled.

In the election, only Active Members who have registered at least three (3) SIGraDi Congresses in continuous or discontinuous years may vote and be voted on – provided that, in addition to the election year, they have been members in the year immediately preceding.