wiki-house: generation and digital-material construction

Gonçalo Castro Henriques (professor at LAMO-UFRJ) and Andrés Passaro (professor at LAMO-UFRJ); Monitors: David Mendonça and Giordana Pacini (Masters students at LAMO-UFRJ); Dyego Digiandomenico and Gabriele Landim (Masters students at IAU-USP); Laboratory Technician: José Renato Dibo (IAU-USP)

It aims to introduce participants to the digital-full-text project through the Algorithmic Design Tutorial, accompanying the preparation, fabrication and assembly of a full-scale web-frames / frameset of a Wiki-House. The workshop is framed in a technical and cultural capacity, and aims to overcome the digital gap in the design process, in architecture, relative to other industries such as shipbuilding, automobile and aerospace, where digital integration is a reality.

Visual programming training and project development in groups. Cutting and assembly of structures in scale. Assembly, by all participants and staff, of structures in scale 1-1 cut previously.

Theoretical-practical method with inclusion of the integrated CAAD-CAE-CAM design process, in all phases. Compact method of teaching through practice, with explanatory results and scientific dissemination.

November 05th and 06th, 2018

12 hours

Target Participants
Undergraduate and graduate students, professors and researchers

Number of participants
Between 15 and 20